We offer complete laboratory
equipment for industry and
research institutes.
100% made in Germany.

    About us
  Wiegand Labs offers laboratory equipment
  for industry and research institutes in
  Eastern Europe and Central- and
  Southeast Asia.
Wiegand International is specialized in the export of laboratory equipment and consumables as well as medical products for many years. The company has proven to be a reliable partner in the development of customized solutions for laboratories and the procurement of high quality products.
As one of the leading trading houses Wiegand International supplies all kinds of laboratories in research and industry worldwide. The company is represented by a large network of local distribution partners.
Wiegand International maintains a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001 which is officially certified since 2005, thus ensuring that the highest internationally recognized quality requirements are fulfilled.
The company was founded in 1952 as a trading house for thermometers and glassware and grew continually to one of the largest laboratory dealers in Germany.
The importance of export activities for the company was recognized early and all foundations were laid in order to comply with the requirements of global markets. Main export areas are presently Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Russian Federation.
In 2015 Dr. Philipp Palm acquires Wiegand International GmbH and consequently strengthens the company’s policy of growth. End of the year 2016 Wiegand International takes over Sandberg & Schneidewind (established 1875) another specialized export dealer and manufacturer of the Portable Water Testing Kit TRAWAS® which enables the company to further expand its portfolio of unique individual offers and services.
In the past Sandberg & Schneidewind was mainly active on the African continent and in Southeast Asian markets. In addition to private enterprises, research institutes, universities and Ministries of Health also many international Non-Governmental Organizations with focus on Humanitarian Aid were supplied.
Based on the continuing expansion path Wiegand International will be split into the new business divisions WIEGAND labs and WIEGAND life. The realignment of the company is also further advanced by extension of business activities in new markets in India and ASEAN region. Also under the new name – WIEGAND labs – the business division “Laboratory” will demonstrate its quality as a reliable and innovative partner in the future.

Dr. Philipp O. Palm is the Owner
and General Director of Wiegand
International GmbH