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Article list of assortment: Heidolph - First letter: A
Art. No. Description
1100250102 Adapter for shaft guard Hei-TORQUE For attaching an existing shaft guard to a Hei-TORQUE stirrer
584126160 Adaptor for multichannel pump heads To connect pump drive to multi-channel pump head
0100600645 Applicationstest in-house (per hour)
0100600647 Application Service training on-site (per day)
5059900001 Adapter for heating plate Ø135 mm
5091900010 AR 19 Anchor-Type Impeller (PTFE) Particularly in applications with very viscous media, it is important to have a stirring tool in use that enables the...
02070101040 Allen key 2,5mm
04060121070 Auxiliary tool Liquid 12 (Synthesis 1)
04060121110 Auxiliary tool 3/5/7F (SilentCrusher S)
04060121121 Auxiliary tool 8/12/18 (SilentCrusher M)
04060123710 Adhesive tape Armaflex HT 50x3mm
11001001482 Adapter (Reax 20/4)
11001001492 Adapter (Reax 20/8)
11001001502 Adapter (Reax 20/12)
11001501620 Adjustment tool for mechanical stirrers
11001523190 Axial flow fan (Peristaltic Pumps)
23300103160 Adapter (Rotacool)
11008014412 Adjustable lever (Reax 20)
11300008200 Assembly aid for synchronizing pulley belt change
14300010850 Axial fan 3110SB-05W-B40 (Hei-VAP Industrial)
22300102440 Assembled rope (Hei-VAP Bench-top HL)
22300102441 Assembled rope (Hei-VAP Core/Expert HL)
22300103610 Adapter socket (Hei-VAP Industrial)
22300104840 Angle connector B20/Ø8
23050206420 Assembling tool for heating bath cutout